Bachpan Children's Hospital

General Pediatrics

Bachpan Children’s Hospital believe your child needs best for all his/her needs. We at Bachpan Children’s Hospital provide comprehensive care for you child. Bachpan Children’s Hospital is destined to take care of every need of your kid whether it’s about his/her psychological wellbeing or physical concern. Best Child Hospital in Sikar 

We at Bachpan Children’s Hospital promise to take care of your kid since birth. Our family serve you with all empathy, dedication and honesty. We at Bachpan Children’s Hospital provide multidisciplinary care including OPD care, vaccination, growth monitoring, nutritional advice and and many more. Pediatric department is supported by following department:

State of the art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Level III World Class Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Pediatric/ Neonatal Surgical Unit

Pediatric Day Care and Emergency department

General Ward

Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric Pulmonology

Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Radiology and Laboratory/ diagnostics

Child Vaccination

We at Bachpan Children’s Hospital provide best care for your infants and children delivered by trained super specialist doctor having knowledge being gathered all across the globe. We respect your concern about your kid, and hence urge to complete our armories with best available pediatric doctors. Bachpan Children’s Hospital is dedicated to provide highest quality and advanced treatment modalities to your kids and that too at affordable price. We vision that neonates, infants and children are future generation; hence are pledged to provide world class diagnostic and therapeutic options to your kids to help building healthy generations.

We diagnose and treat every condition whether its nutritional problem, growth problem, acute problems like respiratory problems e.g. pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic health issues such as asthma, obesity.